Juan Santana lives in San Diego and plays bass for Son Pa Ti. He studied bass as a music major and is versed in many styles of music.
Juan's passion for music began at just a few years old when hanging out at his uncle's band rehearsals. He began playing the sax in elementary school, then picked up the guitar and by high school he was playing bass in the high school jazz band. At the same time he played bass in a traditional Mexican band (cumbias, rancheras, etc...) and his rock band.
Shortly after, he studied bass as a music major in college with a focus in classical and jazz music. While in college, he was asked to join a Latin jazz quartet led by a Cuban musician. This is when his focus and studies in Latin jazz expanded. The syncopated rhythms of Latin music came natural to him. Since then Juan has played with various Latin jazz, salsa and Spanish rock bands in Arizona and southern Cal. Juan gets satisfaction when the band is swinging and he is supporting it with a solid bass tumbao.

Juan Santana - Bass