Al Perez-  Vocals and Congas


Al is our newest member covering Vocals and Congas.  

Al Perez was born to Puerto Rican parents in Manhattan, New York and raised in Brooklyn. He left New York at a young age and grew up in East Los Angeles. Al has been influenced with salsa music all his life. A self-taught congero, he also doubles on timbales and bongo. Soft hand percussion was taught to him from his Father. (Guiro, maracas and cow bell).


Al also learned Latin music theory and Clave from Mr. George Castro at the age of 13. Same age he received his first Conga from his parents. George was married to Al’s cousin Alice. George performed on flute for Cal Trader, Eddie and Charlie Palmieri in the late 50’s and early 60’s. Al’s Father, Luis, played hand percussion and sang Puerto Rican Folklorico. Al’s mother, Ana, was also a singer. 


Al loves all sorts of Latin jazz and has been performing for approximately 50 yrs.


“I thank God for the blessing He has given me through Son Pa Ti to be able to play Latin Jazz again after a two year layoff”.


Al Perez